Link Preferences to Activity Attendance

Different activities can satisfy the same preference. For example, Glee Club, listening to the radio, attending a concert or a sing-a-long are all different activities that may satisfy the preference of listening to music. Linking preferences to activity attendance program names allows recreation professionals to be able to generate reports detailing which preferences clients are most engaged in.


Let’s Try

Examine the following activities and preferences; which activity would you link to which preference?
A. Flower arranging                          1. Cooking activities
B. Baking                                              2. Keeping up with the news
C. Trivia                                                 3. Playing games
D. Reading the newspaper            4. Horticulture

Create a list of all of the activity programs you offer and try linking them to general preference categories.  This will allow you to average engagement scores for all activities that satisfy a given preference so that overall engagement can be examined.